The Waterloo Regional Bail Program responded to a need in the community and established the Enhanced Bail Supervision service in 2017. Many individuals released into the community on either a Recognizance Order or Undertaking have complex needs on a variety of levels and are unable to be successful in a traditional Bail Supervision model where they must attend an office at a predetermined time date and time.


The Enhanced Bail Supervision Team  is community based and able to meet and support clients where they are. In "The Works of Archimides" he is quoted "Give me a firm spot on which to stand, and I shall move the earth".

Through our supervision we hope to assist our clients to find that firm spot, so they can make changes in their lives by accessing appropriate services in the community for things such as: basic health care, mental health and addictions support, counselling, food security as well as stable and affordable housing.

Enhanced Team Priorities

  1. Court - make sure participants are aware of their court days, are capable of attending court, and will be successful while at court appearances. Should participants be unable to attend on their own, rides may be provided on an as needed basis.

  2. Report - assure participants are meeting minimum standards of reporting and are actively engaging with their Bail Supervisor. This includes updating the Bail Supervisor on address changes, physical and mental health concerns and scheduled meetings in the community. Based on their level of need, transience level and address status, reporting will be unique for each individual.

  3. Support - as long as the above two criteria are being met,  support can range. Examples include:​

    • Court​ transportation as needed (we are not a taxi service)

    • Meeting directly in the community

    • Access Medical Services

    • Access Mental Health, Addictions and Counselling services where appropriate

    • Connecting and accessing new and existing services and providing appropriate referrals for longer-term support

    • Minor assistance with housing, potential assistance with searches and viewings

    • Individualized needs as they come up

Member of the Ontario Association of Bail Verification and Supervision Services

Funding support from the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General

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