The Objectives of the Bail Program

  • to reduce the number of accused who are held in custody awaiting trial

  • to reduce the number of remand admissions and the days stayed in jails and detention centres by inmates on remand,

  • to provide verified information about an accused to the court at his/her first court appearance and/or bail hearing, regarding the suitability of the accused for the bail program,

  • to offer bail supervision to the court as an alternative to traditionally imposed monetary or surety bail conditions,

  • to interview accused in custody before bail hearings in an attempt to expedite their release b y mobilizing community resources on their behalf,

  • to facilitate appropriate referrals to and follow-up with community agencies,

  • to assit the accused to understand the pre-trial release process and to comply with the terms of his/her release,

  • to ensure that the accused is aware of the appeal process and to facilitate access to this process.

Member of the Ontario Association of Bail Verification and Supervision Services

Funding support from the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General

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