Objectives of the Bail Program


​The purpose of the bail program is to provide pre-trial bail verification and supervision services to the courts in an effort to minimize inappropriate and unnecessary pre-trial detentions. ​Our goals are to:

  1. Reduce the number of accused who are held in custody awaiting trial

  2. Reduce the number of remand admissions and number of days spent in jails and detention centres by inmates on remand prior to being sentenced

  3. Facilitate appropriate referrals to community agencies in an effort to support accused individuals and reduce recidivism rates

  4. Assist accused individuals in understanding the bail process and to comply with the terms and conditions of their release, while they navigate the court system pending their trial

  5. Ensure that the accused individuals are aware of their rights while on bail

  6. Facilitate access to legal advice from lawyers at court and retaining counsel throughout the court process