Referral Process

Referral Process for Bail Verification and Supervision Program

Who can apply?

Men and women over 16 awaiting a bail hearing or requesting a bail review

Individuals who do not have access to a suitable surety

Individuals willing and able to comply with conditions of release and sign a Bail Supervision Contract

How to apply?

Individuals can contact the Bail program using their lawyer or duty counsel

Individuals can request to see a Bail program representative in the holding cells at the courthouse

Member of the Ontario Association of Bail Verification and Supervision Services

Funding support from the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General

Contact Us: 

1-800-818-5017 is a toll-free phone number - call is free from a pay phone.

519-745-6591 is the office number.

Bail Supervisors will be available daily by phone:

221 – Leah                      223 – Katrina 

224 – Tarona                  230 – Craig

231 – Sarah                    235 – Sam

232 – Tim                        

226 – Lorna  (Cambridge Office)                          

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